Scientific symposium entitled (Ifta: Ethics and Qualifications)

​Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abd al-Rahman al-Kilani/ Dean of the Faculty of Sharia, the Faculty of Sharia held on Tuesday, corresponding to 12/13/2022, a scientific symposium entitled (Ifta: Its Ethics and Qualifications), with the participation of His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Ahmad al-Hasanat/ Secretary General of the Jordanian General Ifta Department, and the ceremony was attended A generous gathering of faculty and administrative staff, and students at the university.

His Eminence Dr. Ahmed Al-Hassanat spoke about the importance of fatwas and the methodology of the Fatwa Department in fatwas, and the need for the mufti to take into account the conditions and special circumstances of the respondent, and for the fatwa to achieve people’s interests and remove embarrassment from them.

Prof. Dr. Abd al-Rahman al-Kilani, Dean of the Faculty of Sharia, spoke about the keenness of the Faculty of Sharia to prepare scientific competencies that would be a tributary to the Jordanian religious and scientific institutions, and about the development of study plans and academic programs in the college in order to enable the college’s graduates to join the labor market, and the ability to present the rational Islamic discourse, Preserving the etiquette of the mufti who maintains social peace and communicates the word of God as God commanded to communicate it.

During the meeting, a dialogue took place with the students about the Mufti's qualifications and how to join the Jordanian General Ifta Department.

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