School's Strategy

Our Vision
A school that is distinguished in academic and research works both locally and internationally, maintaining moderate Islam.
Our Mission
To prepare our members to be qualified teachers and preachers who are efficient in introducing the values of moderate Islam and serving both local and international societies.
Our Goals
1. Establishing the Understanding of the moderate Islam. 2. Providing students with high standards learning and research skills in the diverse fields of Sharia. 3. Improving Islamic ethics and values in the local community. 4. Supplying the domestic and global labor market with well-educated graduate students who have the professional capabilities needed to enrich their missions. 5. Initiating strategic partnerships and agreements locally and internationally for the sake of knowledge and experience exchange. 6. Creating legal legislation-oriented solutions to contemporary challenges aiming to help the humanity.

School of Sharia
"A source of Guidance, and a rise of Knowledge"


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