Ph.D in Hadith
Program Description :Deepens the program studies of the talking and Sciences, and gives the student the necessary knowledge and science, which gives him the ability to deal with the Sunnah of the Prophet and issues of various skill and competence, and expands the perceptions of the student to know the science necessary to study the conversations, and criticism, and offers a science that served in the field of origins of the modern , the science of ills, and science of the wound and the amendment, and the jurisprudence of the modern, and modern methods, and other sciences. The program promotes the student's ability to answer the charges that were raised and raised, past and present on some issues pertaining to modern sciences, and related Broath and took him, and makes the study of the student with prejudice of contemporary issues, which the hadith income in addressing and resolving problems. Finally the message is scientific, which is the fruit of the student to master the science of different year, and the product of the modern practice of criticism and discrimination acceptable to reverberate. .
Program Type :Postgraduate
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Program Department : Foundations of Religion

School of Sharia
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