12/29/2011 1:47 PM
Majd Al –Islam.n.Tamimi

In The Name Of ALLAH ,Most Merciful , Most Gracious , and may His Peace and Blessings be upon His Messenger Muhammad and  His Companions and their successers ,till the Day Of Judgment .

Three years ago , I had my first aim , which other ones depend on it . Now ,thanks to ALLAH,i have achieved that goal, goal of being a stuident at the Faculty of SHARI`AH in our beloved University.
The raising mother of good people during generations,My Faculty, the one which graduated scholars over hundreds , the other part of me !!! the place where we are learning how to defend ISLAM against suspicions and enemy`s bad targets.I am honored to be one of its soldiers ,soldiers of ALLAH like every other ones.
                             I do wish my Faculty shines with Glory
                                       and Greatness ever after.

School of Sharia
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