School of Sharia - The University of Jordan -

  Department of Islamic Banks

An overview of the Islamic Banks Department:

The Department of Islamic Banks was established at the School of Sharia at the University of Jordan in the second semester of 2009/2010, and began teaching in the first semester of 2010/2011, and obtained special accreditation on December 29, 2010, with a capacity of 200 male and female students.

The department's study plan was approved in its final form on 6/1/2011, which was formulated in a way that meets the needs of Islamic banking institutions and fills the need for the presence of Islamic bankers.  The plan includes Islamic banking subjects in the School of Shariah, accounting and legal subjects from the Schools of Business Administration and Law, in addition to practical field training in an Islamic banking institution with six credit hours.

This in turn provides the public and private sector with trained and qualified cadres to take over the Islamic banking work in light of the steady growth of Islamic banking, which has proven successful globally and has become a serious alternative to the capitalist banking system after its ingenuity in overcoming economic obstacles and proving its ability to absorb the global financial crisis without much damage.

 Accordingly, many Islamic banks have been established and other sectors in banks have been directed to open Islamic financial windows for them, which have exceeded the Arab world to the Islamic world in Malaysia as well as internationally in Europe and America, and this in turn places a great burden on the academic departments related to Islamic banking in universities to meet this need and start building plans to develop the Islamic banking sector and open wide horizons for it in the global space.