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  • 04 - Jun
  • 2024

A faculty member at the Department of Islamic Banking teaches master's students at FAU in Germany on "Islamic Finance and Banking"

With a grant from the Erasmus+ Academic Mobility Program, Dr. Muneer Al-Shater, a faculty member at the Department of Islamic Banking, taught Master's students an intensive course on Islamic Finance and Banking. The course covered many important topics regarding Islamic financial instruments and products, their practical applications in various sectors, the differences between them and the conventional system, the role of Islamic finance in economic development and sustainability, and the opportunities and challenges faced by this sector in Europe and the world.
In addition to teaching, Dr. Al-Shater held a number of scientific activities and academic meetings. This participation comes within the framework of the University of Jordan's keenness to support the university's teaching staff, enhance international cooperation with various academic institutions, and exchange experiences and knowledge in various fields, as the university is proud of the achievements of its professors and supports their participation in various international events.​