Appointment of honorary professors in the Islamic Banking Department


As part of its commitment to promoting academic excellence, the Department of Islamic Banking at the School of Shariah is pleased to announce the appointment of Prof. Habib Ahmed (Durham University) and Prof. Mansor Ibrahim (INCEIF) as Honorary Professors, starting from the second semester of the academic year 2023/2024.

Prof. Habib Ahmed (Durham University) and Prof. Mansor Ibrahim are internationally renowned in the field of Islamic economics and finance, and their research and studies have contributed significantly to the development of the field. Their addition to the Department of Islamic Banking is an important step in strengthening the department's standing and enriching its academic career. Both professors will serve as advisors and supporters of the Islamic Banking Department, providing strategic guidance to develop the department's reputation and collaboration with leading institutions across the world, as well as holding a series of seminars and conferences organized by the Islamic Banking Department.

Their appointment will provide students and faculty with access to the latest research and ideas in the field of Islamic finance and banking. Their participation in joint research initiatives will contribute to the advancement of scientific research in this field and strengthen the Islamic Banking Department's position as a center of excellence. Dr. Basil Al-Shaer, Head of the Department of Islamic Banking, said: "Their extensive experience and dedication to promoting Islamic finance and banking will enrich our academic community and propel us to new heights of excellence."

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