Holding a religious lecture entitled "Ramadan is the Month of Patience and Victory"


"Under the supervision of the Dean of the College of Shari'a, Prof. Abdulrahman Al-Kilani, the college held a religious lecture entitled "Ramadan is the Month of Patience and Victory", presented by His Eminence the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom, Dr. Ahmad Al-Hasanat.

Al-Hasanat said that the blessed month of Ramadan is the month of patience and victory and the month of sacrifices and heroism in the history of the Islamic nation, as the Prophet fought the first battle in the first month he fasted, pointing out that God's will was to bless fasting with jihad and work, because of the blessing of this month, in which the Holy Quran was revealed.

Al-Hassanat added that today we have to read the biography of the Prophet and how he won his battles after he was patient and worked hard, adding that one of the reasons for victory in the Prophet's battles was the rallying of the companions and soldiers around the ruler, obeying him and adhering to what he issued.

He emphasized that the companions' economic situation and poverty did not stand in the way of their ambitions, as they were victorious thanks to the knowledge they possessed and the work they strived for, in addition to constant prayers to God Almighty, pointing out that besides patience, it is part of the work we have to do, and emphasizing that we must take those reasons and work with them to be victorious.

He said that today, in this country whose land is blessed with the Companions, we must be patient and pray to Allah Almighty to preserve our country and our people, to bless His Majesty King Abdullah II, to bless the efforts of our Jordanian Armed Forces, the Arab Army and the security services, and to relieve the Palestinian people in light of the unjust aggression against their holy sites and lands in Gaza and other occupied cities."​

School of Sharia
Department of Foundations of Religion


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