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  Department of Foundations of Religion

0401111 Qur'anic Sciences Not Upload
Analytic Hadith Not Upload
Exegesis Not Upload
Hadith Authentication & the Study of Chains Not Upload
Hadith Sciences Not Upload
Inimitability of the Qur'an Not Upload
Islamic Studies in English
Islamic Studies.pdf    
Methodologies of Research in The Sciences of Foundations of Religion Not Upload
Narrators' (of Prophetic Sayings) Critique and Credibility (Al-Jar Not Upload
Quranic Narratives Not Upload
Recitation & Memorization / 1 Not Upload
Rhetoric Methods in the Qur’an Not Upload
The Biography Of The Rightly-Guided Caliphs Not Upload
The Creed (Prophicy, Angles, Holy Books and the Hereafter ) Not Upload
The Foundations of Oration & Call Not Upload
The Prophet's Biography Not Upload
Mukhtalif al-Hadith (what appears contradicted superficially Not Upload
Analytic Exegesis Not Upload
Commentators' Approaches Not Upload
Contemporary Schools of Thought Not Upload
Faith in the Qur’an and the Sunnah Not Upload
HadithSciences Not Upload
Islam and Contemporary Issues
Islam and Contemporary Issues Course Syllabus.pdf    
Islam and Philosophy Not Upload
Islamic History and Civilization
Islamic History and Civilization 0408701.pdf    
Language and Rhetoric in the Qur’an Not Upload
Legislation Verses Not Upload
Methodologies of Scholars of Hadith Not Upload
Modern Islamic Movements
Islamic Movements course syllabus_n.pdf    
Mukhtalaf Al- Hadith Not Upload
Qur’anic Studies
Quranic studies Course Syllabus.pdf    
Research Methodology in Islamic Sciences
Research Methodology in Islamic Sciences.pdf    
Rules of Research and Editing Not Upload
Scientific Inimitability in the Qur’an and Sunnah Not Upload
Studies in the Islamic Creed and its Principles
Creed course syllabus_n.pdf    
Textual studies from the Books of Monotheism Not Upload
The Doctrine of Divinity and Predestination Not Upload
The Foundations of Research and Edition Not Upload
The Inimitability of The Holy Qur'an Not Upload
The None - Heavenly Religions Not Upload
The Science of Ethics and Sufism Not Upload
The Theory of Epistemology in Islam Not Upload
Thematic Exegesis Not Upload
Analytical Studies of Some Qur'anic Texts Not Upload
Contemporary Qur'anic Studies Not Upload
Hadith Jurisprudence Not Upload
Methods of Research and Editing Manuscripts in Qur'anic Studies Not Upload
Orientalist Studies in Qur'anic Exegesis and Qur'anic Sciences Not Upload
Qur'anic Sciences in Early and Later Scholars' Works Not Upload
Studies in Hadith Manners Not Upload
Studies in prophet’s campaigns (maghazi) Books Not Upload
Studies in the Qur'anic Exegesis of Muslim Sects Not Upload
Studies on the Verification of the Historicity of the Qur'anic Text Not Upload
The Impact of the Qur'anic Readings on the Exegesis of the Qur'an Not Upload
The Theory of Lexical Indication in Qur'anic Exegesis Not Upload