School of Sharia - The University of Jordan -

  Department of Foundations of Religion

   Study PlanProgram
Study PlanB.A Foundations of Religion../StudyPlans/B.A Foundations of Religion.pdf
Study PlanMaster in Exegesis ../StudyPlans/Master in Exegesis.pdf
Study PlanMaster In Islamic Creed../StudyPlans/Master In Faith.pdf
Study PlanMaster In Hadith ../StudyPlans/Master In Hadith.pdf
Study PlanMaster in Islamic Studies ../StudyPlans/Master in Islamic Studies.pdf
Study PlanPh.D In Exegesis ../StudyPlans/Ph.D In Exegesis.pdf
Study PlanPh.D in Hadith../StudyPlans/Ph.D in Hadith.pdf
Study PlanPh.D In Islamic Creed../StudyPlans/Ph.D In Islamic Creed.pdf