School of Sharia - The University of Jordan -

  Department of Islamic Banks

Department Strategy


The department aspires to graduate a generation of Islamic bankers who are able to manage and direct banking operations and investments in a scientific, practical and applied manner within an advanced Islamic vision, and carry an Islamic economic thought capable of finding solutions to economic issues, as well as opening postgraduate programs and research centers for Islamic banking.


Graduating students who carry the Islamic banking message in a comprehensive and wide-ranging manner and are able to apply it professionally.


1. The department looks forward to engaging the Islamic financial institutions concerned with Islamic banking by holding a workshop on developing the necessary skills for human resources in Islamic banks so that the weaknesses or gaps in the employee are utilized and corrected through study materials, vocabulary and practical training. .
2. The department looks forward to twinning with Islamic banking institutions globally, especially Malaysia, where there are pioneering experiences in Islamic banking, as well as Kuwait Finance House and Al Rajhi Foundation. .
3. Organizing courses in the Certified Islamic Banker (CIB) certification program to upgrade the capabilities and capacities of the employees of the Islamic banking financial system, and those wishing to join the Islamic financial services industry in various countries of the world in cooperation with the General Council of Islamic Banks (GCIB). .
4. Activating the issue of scientific research for faculty members in the summer semester in countries such as Britain (HSBC) as research projects to compare the impact of Islamic banking transactions in those countries with Islamic banks in Jordan and discover the strengths and weaknesses and address them, so that the department has its impact in the community and form a committee called the Department Development Committee to deal with these issues. .
5. In the future, the department hopes to open postgraduate programs in the department. .
6. Encouraging cultural exchange with international universities.