School of Sharia - The University of Jordan -

  Department of Foundations of Religion

An overview of the Department of Foundations of Religion:

The School of Sharia joined the University of Jordan in 1970/1971 AD, where it awarded a bachelor's degree in Sharia (general), and the emergence of the Department of Foundations of Religion was independent of its counterpart, the Department of Jurisprudence and Sharia, in 1977 AD.

This department consists of various sections, between which there is no real limit, and the student chooses his subjects and courses from all of these sections, perhaps the most important of which are: - The section of recitation and memorization, which is concerned with teaching the rules of proper recitation and the basics of correct reading in the narration of Hafs from Asim bin Abi Najud Kufi, through courses divided into levels appropriate to st...More