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The preparation of active scholars, scientists who enjoy belonging to their religion, country and nation


The rehabilitation of its members to be qualified scientifically and  to enable them to carry the message of Islam efficiently and effectively and contribute to the revival of their nation and homeland


1 - including science education law combines the sense of belonging to the origin and the link era and in conformity with the purposes of the law, colleges and major fixed assets.
2 - to seek to raise the educational performance of learning in the science of law.
3 - the call to Islam Btglah concepts and facts statement and the payment of the suspicions against him.
4 - serving the local community and the Arab and Muslim world through the preparation of qualified personnel capable of carrying the message of Islam honestly and sincerely High
5 - arrived in the nation's heritage and present Islamic civilization flourished.
6 - Developing good values and good ethics compliance approach True Islamic thought and word and deed.
7 - Prepare a Muslim is able to achieve efficient reform and meet the challenges and obstacles and do the duty of calling to God Almighty.
8 - the rehabilitation of a generation of teachers who are able to achieve the purposes of major legislation and walk according to the educational curricula and authentic planted in the hearts of students.
9 - supplement the Supreme Judge Department cadres qualified to work in the courts and the religious judiciary.
10 - Rehabilitation of a generation of preachers and preachers and preachers who are able to communicate the message of Islam and explain its principles and to clarify the Mqahimha and a statement of its provisions.
11 - to maintain the Islamic identity of the nation and the defense of their culture