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The Department is looking forward to graduate a generation of capable Islamic bankers who are able to manage and direct the banking operations and investments in a scientific practical and applied manner within the advanced Islamic vision, in addition to holding Islamic economic thoughts capable of finding solutions to economic problems. Moreover, the department looks to launch postgraduate programs and establish research centers for Islamic banking.
2.VisionIslamic BanksIslamic Banks3
Graduating students carrying a comprehensive Islamic banking message, and able to apply it in a highly professional manner
1.MissionIslamic BanksIslamic Banks3
Rabbani, a leading prepare a generation of scientists, advocates and researchers, then rising toward their nation prosperity and righteousness
2.Vision Foundations of Religion Foundations of Religion1
To find a qualified generation in both juridical and practical aspect. To promote the jurisprudential talent of the student, and to provide the labor market with jurisprudential trained cadres in the fields of Imamah, Rhetoric, Calling to Islam, Provision and Islamic Media.
2.VisionIslamic Jurisprudence and its FoundationIslamic Jurisprudence and its Foundation2

1) Setting up a qualified staff to work in Islamic banking and so the plan for the department was prepared in a manner consistent with this objective as well as a guaranteed 6 credited hours of practical field training.

2) Graduation of Islamic banking leaders who are able to extract new banking financial mechanisms to put them in the market.

3) Proving the ability of the Islamic banking system to withstand global financial crisis and not fall into them.

4) Presenting a refined banking model which equates with the level of the region and globally.

5) Exporting scientific talent in the field of Islamic banking to the world.

6) Twinning between the Islamic banking institutions in Jordan and abroad with the department in order to avoid weaknesses located in the administrative system by including vocabulary in the curriculum which contributes to the strengthening of staff.

7) Releasing a modern Islamic model which presents Islam in a civilized matter and provides solutions to the financial crisis and problems at the level of the world through scientific and administrative skills able to achieve this goal.

3.ObjectivesIslamic BanksIslamic Banks3
Islamic studies deal with issues related to islam and muslims. it aims at building bridges of confidence between the islamic world and other nations by establishing an academic educational environment to study islam and muslims.
2.VisionStudy of Islam in the contemporary worldStudy of Islam in the contemporary world4
1. That transcend lives and souls Nczyko to a world of purity and virtue.
 2. That blind about science book and the Sunnah and belief.
 3. To call to Allah with wisdom and good advice (I invite unto Allah, for sure knowledge, I and whosoever follows me) Joseph 108
1.Mission Foundations of Religion Foundations of Religion1
1. Strengthen the faith of his religion and deepen the student's connection with God Almighty through the Quranic verses and hadith evidence and the integrity of the nation's scholars of this religion and the origins of its branches.
2. Introduce students to the sources of Islam, the main book and the Sunnah and its sciences, and the efforts of scientists and their curricula to save, transfer, interpretation and commentary, and brief him on some teams and approaches that have emerged in the Islamic nation to this day and age, and brief him on the state of the world of Islamic religious, social, political and otherwise to keep pace with social changes and other life.
3. Development of thinking skills of the student problem solving, ability to dialogue with the self and the other, and to respond to suspicions.
4. Training students to the methods and means through wisdom and good counsel.
5. Deepen positive values ​​in the minds of students as love of God and His Messenger and his religion and his nation and his country and respect the symbols of religion.
6. Personal development of students intellectually, scientifically and morally, spiritually and nodal.
7. Think of the consolidation of unity and brotherhood and good citizenship, and to reject ideology of conflict and extremism, violence and atonement.
8. Respect for human values ​​and communicate with others
3.Objectives Foundations of Religion Foundations of Religion1
Forensic science graduate students who are able to provide the community in the areas of legitimacy and direct it to the values ​​and virtues
1.MissionIslamic Jurisprudence and its FoundationIslamic Jurisprudence and its Foundation2
Clarify the legal provisions in the process of worship and financial transactions and family relations
Search legal provisions to new facts and Contemporary Issues
Comparison and balancing the doctrines and jurisprudence in the areas of specialization
Statement of the provisions on personal status issues, as is the case in the Jordanian Personal Status Law
Preparation of preachers and imams and preachers and judges to do the duty of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in mosques and schools. And work in the courts and the legal profession after the completion of legal training requirements
3.ObjectivesIslamic Jurisprudence and its FoundationIslamic Jurisprudence and its Foundation2
Preparing a generation that carries the message of Islam to the world in a moderate academic environment that takes into account the needs of the time.
1.MissionStudy of Islam in the contemporary worldStudy of Islam in the contemporary world4
1- Reinforcing a better understanding of the cultural pluralism, and treating the cultural and religious challenges which come in the context of globalization.
2- Encouraging and motivating the international relations in the academic side by offering mutual opportunities for study, and holding meetings and dialogues between the islamic world and the west.
3- Offering a distinct and flexible educational system, that enables researchers and students get acquaited of islam and its culture, regardless of thier religion, nationality and culture.
4- Enhancing the concept of peace, and attempting to achieve it through cultural dialogues, mutual understanding and common interaction with others.
3.ObjectivesStudy of Islam in the contemporary worldStudy of Islam in the contemporary world4