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In the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Teaching in this department started with the establishment of our flourishing Faculty of Shari'ah in 1971. Its name was the department of Islamic Jurisprudence and Legislation until the name changed to the department of Islamic Jurisprudence and its foundations in the academic year 1994/1995. The department has been a place of scholars who are versed and experienced in Islam who have made it and its graduates occupy a high rank and status among other competitor departments in Arabic and Islamic universities. This has also made it a destination of knowledge seekers from all over the world for both undergraduate and graduate studies. They look at it as a minaret of knowledge and education.
The department is lucky to have number of esteemed and high qualified scholars to be of its lecturers. To mention some of them, Prof. Abd al-Aziz al-Khayyat, the late Sheikh Muhammad al-Mubarak, Sheikh Muhammad Adeeb al-Salih, the late Prof. Yasin Daradkeh, the late Sheikh Mustafa al-Zarqa, the late Prof. Muhammad Fathi al-Durayni, Prof. Muhammad Na'eem Yasin and Prof. Mahmud al-Sartawi.
In its bright history the department has been always on the Islamic path of moderation and balance. This guarantees the formation of a sound fiqhi mind, intellect and faculties. The four major and most famous fiqh schools are the fountain of our knowledge and our source of rulings. They are our reference for shaping our students' fiqhi identity. This enhances discussions and dialogue and prevents all kinds of extremism. This method also helps in understanding and using the objectives of Islamic law in their academic and practical life.
The department has expanded horizontally. This can be seen in both the increase of the number of its students and the programs it offers whether that is for obtaining B.A, M.A or Ph.D degree.
Department's Programs are taught in Arabic, and they are:
Master in Islamic Judiciary
Master in Jurisprudence and Its Foundations
Ph.D in Islamic Jurisprudence and its Foundations
Ph.D Islamic Judiciary and Legislative Policy
B.A Jurisprudence and its Foundations

School of Sharia
Department of Islamic Jurisprudence and its Foundation


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