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​The President of the University of Jordan Dr. Azmi Mohafazah inaugurated four teaching rooms at the Faculty of Shari'a on Monday 29/1/2018 under the initiative of "We will build it by our hands" launched by the Dean of the Faculty of Sharia, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Kilani, where these halls were updated and furnished with educational supplies.

Sponsored by Prof. Azmi Governor of the University of Jordan Dean of the Faculty of Sharia. Abdul Rahman Al-Kilani opened the hall of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Sartawi, which was updated with the support of the Arab Islamic Bank of Jordan

This hall was dedicated to the purposes of integrated e-learning and the College of Sharia, represented by its Dean, Abdulrahman Atelkillani to be this hall in the name of Prof. Mahmoud Sartawi as a scientific stature has a great impact on the generation of generations according to the approach of moderation and centrality.

​The Dean of the Faculty of Sharia Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Kilani sponsored a ceremony for the Islamic peoples on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet on Saturday, 9/12/2017 in Al-Khayyat runway (9-2).

The ceremony included a speech by the Dean of the College, during which the College of Shari'a was keen on its children from the students of Islamic peoples and their role in acquiring knowledge and benefiting from this scientific edifice to return to their country a certain good and fight against science and knowledge. The ceremony also included a symposium entitled Follow the Prophet peace be upon him Prof. Ibrahim Burgan, and Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Shdeifat. Dr.. Jamila Rifai, d. Amal Naimat, also included a number of recreational activities.

​The Faculty of Sharia at the University of Jordan launched today a campaign to revive the morals and values ​​of civilization called by the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, in the student community under the title "Your Ethics Nsemo" on the anniversary of the birth of the Messenger of Allah.

The Dean of the College Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Kilani said that the campaign aims to translate our love of the Prophet, peace be upon him, to practical behavior and life practice. The campaign organized by the College in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs included the introduction of a number of beautiful prophetic directions in the student community, Cultural values ​​such as "mastery of work, industry of hope, fight against the culture of despair and despair, renounce extremism and violence, revive the spirit of tolerance and compassion, encourage creativity and excellence in the quest for knowledge and other values."

The streets of the university were adorned with signs that carried some of the Prophet's (PBUH) conversations about noble values, such as "none of us called for nervousness," and "God loves if one of you does a job to master him". "He said.

The Faculty of Sharia held a big ceremony on this occasion included a symposium entitled "Messenger of happiness and positive," during which the lecturers stressed the importance of this occasion in the spirit of happiness and positive in the life of the individual and society.


​The Dean of the Faculty of Sharia Abdul Rahman Al-Kilani congratulated student Salah Eddin Abdul Razzaq Mghnam for winning second place in the males in the second contest Ahmed Al-Hourani held Amman University at the level of public and private universities, as well as student Sarah Marwan Al-Jayousi in third place on the female student Esra Ahmad Al-Musallouki in seventh place And the student Mohammed Karam Mahasneh.


The President of the University of Jordan, Prof. Azmi, and under the patronage of the Jordanian Islamic Bank inaugurated a wing for Blended Learning at the Faculty of Sharia.

The attendees listened to a series of lectures in which the Blended Learning is implemented.​

The dean of the college, Prof. Adnan Mahmoud Al-Assaf, participated in the meeting of the joint committee for the Certificate of Islam Studies in Contemporary Societies in Singapore. To be held in an academic partnership between the College of Sharia at the University of Jordan, the Islamic Singapore Council, Al-Azhar University and the National University of Singapore. The program aims to qualify forensic science students from different academic backgrounds to deal with the context of multicultural and interfaith societies. The Dean also met with the President of the Islamic Council, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense, and met with His Excellency the Jordanian Ambassador, Mr. Mahmoud Dhaif Allah Al-Hamoud, at the embassy headquarters.
This participation comes from the mission of the College of Sharia and the University of Jordan aimed at strengthening strategic and international partnerships, and its keenness to spread its intermediate message based on tolerance and moderation.
"The medical, social and educational convoy" was launched from the "Jordanian" to the Southern Shouneh Brigade - Al-Rai Newspaper
The College’s Graduate Studies Committee held a seminar on 17-12-2019 entitled Electronic Documentation according to ABA Filter
It was presented by Dr. Jamila Al-Rifai using the Data Show, and the students interacted extensively on this topic
Under the patronage of the Dean of the College of Sharia Professor Dr. Adnan Assaf and supervision of Professor Dr. Jamila Al-Rifai a group of students of the College of Sharia visited Tkiyet Umm Ali Al-Qastal region where the students participated in preparing parcels of goodness to distribute to those who deserve it
The Dean of the College of Sharia at the University of Jordan congratulates and congratulates the team of the College of Sharia on his victory in the second place at the university level in the tug of war competition, which was held by the Deanship of Student Affairs on Wednesday 13/2/2020, within the celebrations of the University of Jordan on the birth of His Majesty King Abdullah II may God protect him.
The College’s Graduate Studies Committee chaired by the Dean of the College of Sharia and the supervision of Vice Dean Ad Jamila Al-Rifai held a seminar entitled the draft plan for graduate students, where Prof. Abdul Rahman Al-Kilani honored us with a wonderful, accurate lecture showing the points that students find difficult to write plans for their messages with the help of Data Shaw and set realistic examples Related to the topic and the interaction of students was significant, as the lecture was enriched by the interventions of distinguished teachers.

Under the patronage of the Dean of the College of Sharia, a ceremony was held for the students of Islamic peoples on Thursday 5-3-2020, in which the dean of the college, Ad Adnan Al-Assaf, participated, in which they enriched them with a kind word. The students interacted with Islamic competitions and chants, and the celebration concluded with a discussion of the most important problems of foreign students and the means that help them in their studies.


Under the patronage of the College’s Graduate Studies Committee, a seminar was held on the sources and references in writing university theses, in which Prof. Dr. Abdul Mohid Al-Salahiyin, Professor of Jurisprudence and Its Origins, and Professor Dr. Muhammad Al-Sahib, Professor of Hadith participated in it.