Department's Courses
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Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Advanced Studies in the History of Islamic Fiqh (Jurisprudence) and MadhahibMaster in Islamic Studies
Fiqh and madhahbs Course Syllabus_n.pdf    
Da’wah and the Spread of IslamMaster in Islamic Studies
Dawah course syllabus_n.pdf    
Islam and Contemporary Issues Master in Islamic Studies
Islam and Contemporary Issues Course Syllabus_n.pdf    
Islam and Interfaith Dialogue Master in Islamic Studies
Islam and Interfaith Dialogue course syllabus_n.pdf    
Islam and the WestMaster in Islamic Studies
Islam and the west course syllabus_n.pdf    
Islamic History and CivilizationMaster in Islamic Studies
Islamic History and Civilization course syllabus_n.pdf    
Modern Islamic MovementsMaster in Islamic Studies
Islamic Movements course syllabus_n.pdf    
Orientalism and Contemporary Islamic Studies Master in Islamic Studies
Orientalism course syllabus_n.pdf    
Qur’anic StudiesMaster in Islamic Studies
Quranic studies Course Syllabus.pdf    
Research Methodology in Islamic SciencesMaster in Islamic Studies
Methods course syllabus_n.pdf    
Researches about Islamic Sects Master in Islamic Studies
Islamic Sects Course Syllabus_n.pdf    
Studies in the Islamic Creed and its Principles Master in Islamic Studies
Creed course syllabus_n.pdf    
Studies in the Prophetic Sunnah and sirahMaster in Islamic Studies
Sunnah course syllabus.pdf    

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